Mandatory Training

(This training needs to be done before your first day of work)

Security Guard-Card Holders

BSIS Skills Training Course – (38 Hours)


Employer Policies/Orientation (Part of BSIS Training) – (2 hours)


Anti-Harassment Training – (2 hours)



Non Guard-Card Holders

Employer Policies/Orientation – (2 hours)

Anti-Harassment Training – (2 hours)



Patrol Driver Training

At AX9 Security, we want to do anything we can to ensure safety throughout all of our drivers. To become an eligible “Patrol Driver” for AX9, please request the mandatory “Patrol Driver Course” to get started. 

Once you have finished the mandatory course, you can then choose to become a “Golf Cart Driver” or use your “Personal Vehicle for the Company” by requesting one of the courses below.

Mandatory Course

Patrol Driver – (2 Hours)


Golf Cart Training – (Coming Soon)

Personal Car – (Coming Soon)

Training Elective Classes to Become Eligible for More Shifts

At AX9 Security we have certain locations that require more site-specific training to become eligible to work these sites. Please request any of the courses below. Once reviewed and approved you will become eligible to work these sites.

Virus Prevention Training

Concierge Training

PG&E Training

H&M Training

High Rise Training – (Coming Soon)

Retail Training – (Coming Soon)

Event Training – (Coming Soon)

Port Training – (Coming Soon)

Security Guard Yearly Mandatory Training

BSIS Continuing Education – (8 Hours)