VIP / Executive Protection

AX9 Security staff have experience in providing personal protection services as well as security for high end locations. Our client list includes corporate executives, entertainment/media celebrities, professional athletes, and a host of other high-level details. Our team’s approach to individual security includes a comprehensive risk assessment that entails understanding the level and look needed, then tailoring service and personnel for that exact fit.

The term “Suits” refers to a security officer tier provided for high end events. This level of officer has an extensive security background and can remain professional in the most difficult situations, while also having a sense of working with a VIP. This tier involves the officer’s extensive security background and integrates hospitality, customer service, and a delicate touch when dealing with those that need the extra attention.


In the field, we use military grade Motorola radios for team communication by utilizing repeaters for long range distances, and using different frequency channels for team separation and privacy.

Unlike a typical security guard which is a rough look that implements strict protocol, this tier is able to make decisions on the fly, within authority limitations dictated by the client. They are able to resolve issues as needed and escalate when required. Usually the team will be involved in pre-deployment meetings to determine the exact scope of services needed.

Meticulous security through communication and accountability is part of our mission to provide services of the highest quality, exceeding the expectations of our clients at affordable pricing. We achieve this goal by partnering with our clients to identify their needs, providing officers with extensive training, and ensuring open communication between everyone involved with day-to-day operations.

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