Distribution Centers & Warehouses

Distribution Center’s Safety and Security are an indispensable element to a profitable and healthy workplace. Distributions Centers and Warehouses are the backbones for any supply chains. Security procedures should reflect the strength of choosing the right Security company and utilizing modern era technological applications and software. 

Solutions for Distribution Center Challenges 

  • Physical Security: 
    • Uniformed Unarmed Security Guards 
    • Armed Security Guards 
    • Off Duty Police Officers 
    • Yard Patrols via decal patrol car or gold cart
  • Remote temperature monitoring: 
    • Monitored by 24/7 Command Center  
    • Sending alerts to personnel       
  • Surveillance Cameras: 
    • Inside/Outside Facility 
    • Monitored by 24/7 Command Center  
    • Motion alert system 
  • Entrance/Exit Security Monitoring: 
    • Checking of Credentials 
    • Traffic Control 
    • Log in/Out Deliveries 
    • Log in/Out Merchandize 

Since 2004, AX9 Security, started off specializing in container yards, ports, and warehouse logistics. We started off with standard gate security but then evolved to become an integrated partner. We utilized gate transaction data and were able to deduce on-demand and live inventory levels, organized how trucks and containers are dispatched to which parking spots or bays to park at. We digitized the process of the paperwork to capture essential gate data that translated into accurate re-conciliable information of what is on-site and where.  With security as the main priority, we understand the impact that merchandise and asset thefts could have on a company’s profit/loss. 

Also, we are aware of other challenges Distribution Centers have, including but not limited to: 

  • Merchandise Thefts
  • Asset Thefts
  • Access control
  • Monitoring of Temperature Control Systems
  • Internal Thefts
  • Integrity Checks
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Monitoring all Alarm Systems

No more paper reports, all digital 

AX9 can design a security software system to help solve all security related challenges. With our software system, clients are one click away from gathering any reports. Our Reports are digital and entered in a form that is customized for you. We integrate seamlessly into your system to provide solutions that work for you. Included but not limited to:  


  • Fully Customized reports and forms 
  • Client access to portal to view all security activity on demand. 
  • Digital Customized data reports built and emailed as needed. 
  • Exception alerts and notifications 
  • Onsite accurate on-demand inventory 

Meticulous security through communication and accountability is part of our mission to provide services of the highest quality, exceeding the expectations of our clients at affordable pricing. We achieve this goal by partnering with our clients to identify their needs, providing officers with extensive training, and ensuring open communication between everyone involved with day-to-day operations.

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