Grocery / Convenient Stores

AX9 Security has extensive experience working with grocery store chains, whether it is Whole Foods Market, 99 Cents Only, Smart & Final, or FoodMaxx; each store is similar, but always unique. 

Some stores focus on a strong visual deterrent using a uniformed guard, while others seek a friendly customer service orientationOur goal is to implement security strategies that are in line with your needs.  

Regardless of your store’s needs, we are here to serve you. Our goal is to match your standard.

  • Do you have shoplifters?
  • Do you suspect internal theft?
  • Do you have customers that eat product inside the store?
  • Do you have customers that consume excessive sample foods?
  • Do you have customers that eat directly from open food bar without paying?
  • Do you have customers that get irate with store personnel over simple issues?
  • Do some of your customers need help to their car?
  • Do you have vagrants that go in recycle storage areas? Or dumpsters?
  • Do you have any customers have had their vehicles vandalized at your parking lot?

We understand this and more, which is why we beleive we are more then qualified to become your security partner.

Meticulous security through communication and accountability is part of our mission to provide services of the highest quality, exceeding the expectations of our clients at affordable pricing. We achieve this goal by partnering with our clients to identify their needs, providing officers with extensive training, and ensuring open communication between everyone involved with day-to-day operations.

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