Colleges and School Campuses

AX9 Security has worked with a variety of educational facilities and understands that dealing with a younger crowd may come with more unexpected scenarios; whether that be a football team on campus, a group of partygoers, or simply, a political event.

Safety and security of students and administration is our top priority, and will be handled delicately and efficiently. We have provided security for high profile political speaker events, as well as fraternity and sorority events. We have worked for the unified school districts and provided security at high schools, college campuses, student housing, and dormitories. Students require attention to detail and an officer capable of diffusing situations. We watch out for their safety, as well as maintain campus policies and procedures. Educational environments are very dynamic, we understand your needs and integrate your policies with ours to provide the best quality and safest experience.

Meticulous security through communication and accountability is part of our mission to provide services of the highest quality, exceeding the expectations of our clients at affordable pricing. We achieve this goal by partnering with our clients to identify their needs, providing officers with extensive training, and ensuring open communication between everyone involved with day-to-day operations.

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