Online Reporting

Standard industry practice has been to setup a guard, man the post, and document anything out of the ordinary on the DAR (Daily Activity Report). At the end of the shift the security guard then either places this report into an inbox or a binder that stores all information.

At AX9 Security we have rethought this process. We noticed that these reports are not effective due to the following issues:

  1. Reports do not deliver the information to the client. Realistically, nobody looks at these reports unless there is a problem.
  2. Legibility becomes an issue when trying to read the guard’s handwritten report.
  3. Lack of necessary details; these reports usually have the information needed in an open narrative section. This page allows the guard to write a paragraph on an issue, however, we have found this to be a hugely untapped resource.

Why not have the overnight guards check the lights, parking lot, and floors? Why not have a customized form that gives specific tasks laid out as a to-do list for the guard? Why not give them the ability to take a picture to upload and relay that to management? Why not utilize your investment in security into something much more efficient that delivers accurate, concise, legible information to management every morning so that they can effortlessly glance at the previous night’s activity?

We have designed fully customizable reports, specifically tailored to every site. These reports include the client’s logo, an outline of all security equipment on-site, a checklist of tasks related to site, drop-down rows with the classification and type of visitor, and a field for every detail needed: time, date, badge number, physical description, location, name, drivers license, vehicle plates, etc.

This form includes an area to upload files, pictures, client information, a satellite image of the site with bearings for reference, as well as local police, fire, and animal control numbers. This form is designed based on site specific instructions and our ongoing assessment of what is needed. The form started off as a detailed checklist for the guard, then it became a tool that is not only useful for internal management, but something that can be shared as an informational resource for the client.

Each site is issued a device that is customized and can only be used to submit security reports. Devices are provided with an internet connection to open and submit reports only. AX9 Security’s servers house all online reports submitted daily on a cloud based system. Once submitted on site, our 24/7 command center is able to retrieve the report, open it, and review it for any operational issues. The report is then converted to a PDF, and emailed to the client’s designated distribution list the next morning.

This solution has allowed management to have explicit information and an accurate portrayal of anything that may have happened on site. With this information, management is able to respond and address issues daily in an orderly fashion. The collected information could also be used for an insurance case or an eviction when necessary. This tool has allowed AX9 Security to better communicate with its clients by combining the client’s needs with reports that are done in a concise manner.

Meticulous security through communication and accountability is part of our mission to provide services of the highest quality, exceeding the expectations of our clients at affordable pricing. We achieve this goal by partnering with our clients to identify their needs, providing officers with extensive training, and ensuring open communication between everyone involved with day-to-day operations.

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